Monday, 25 April 2011

Help Please!!

I have a serious problem . . . . . .

I was desperate to work out who was eating our eggs as were only getting one a day at the moment instead of the three we normally get. So this morning I after I let them out I sat on the wet grass and watched them for over an hour in hope of working it out. As Bottom was laying Dotty was in and out of the house and as soon as Bottom stood up Dotty had her head straight in there pecking the egg as it was a thin egg it took one peck to get into it then Bottom started eating it too. As soon as I managed to get them out the house I locked them out to clean it up. Once I opened it Dotty went into lay so I locked her in for 20 mins and she didn't touch her egg. Then Izzie went into lay and I did the same and she didn't eat her egg. So Dotty the top chicken is eating the others eggs!

They have enough space, food, water, nutrients etc.

I've spent all morning researching and there's only 3 viable options I can find.

1) Buying rubber eggs to put in the nest in the theory that they'll peck it a couple of times then get bored and hopefully leave the other eggs alone. The main problem with doing this is that it can turn the hens broody which would be a whole other problem!

2) Separate the trouble maker by putting her in her own hen house and run for a few weeks/months the reintroduce her. The problem with this is the expense of buying another house, feeders etc.

3) Turn her into dinner to exterminate the issue all together.

Today I'm going to buy some rubber eggs and give that until the weekend, if there's no improvement then I'll have to buy another house & run to separate her from the other girls for a while. As far as I can see if neither of these works I'll have to turn her into tea.

If you have any other ideas please please help!

V x

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