Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal Wedding Street Party!


Our first street party in our new home and it was great! We had to work for most of the day but the street party was still going strong when we got home! There was Union Jack bunting and flags everywhere! There was mountains of food, wonderful home made cakes, pies and sandwiches.

My hubby looking a little worse for ware after trying the Sloe Gin. By far the best thing was the Sloe Gin competition! I was really gutted as I really wanted to take part in this, anyone that knows me will know that I'm a sucker for making preserves etc. As we only moved in 2 months ago I was too late to make some as the sloes had come and gone.

The party went on until about 10pm when we were all so tired from the kids running riot (and rather drunk from all the Gin)!

So after our first ever street party we've decided that this street is amazing and the people are all wonderful! Thank you to Prince William and Catherine for the excuse to celebrate as a community and a huge Congratulations, they both looked so stunning and I know that they married for love which is so special!

V x

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