Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Life Update

We had the most amazing bank holiday weekend. Four whole days off work but I have to confess I'm still tired! I blame it on the chocks having to let them out sooo early.

Monday we spent at home chilling together and recovering from the weekends antics.

Sunday the afternoon & evening was spent with some seriously great friends in the good pubs of Wincanton. On the way out of our house to meet up with people our neighbours saw us and called us over into their garden to let us try (make us try) some home made Austrian Schnapps! The first one was amazing, really fruity more of an alcoholic fruit juice but the second was clear as water and hell did that put hairs on my chest I felt like I was breathing fire! SO after the delay we made it into town to meet friends but found by the time we got there we were somewhat drunk! That stuff must have been so strong! Our night ended at 9pm we were too drunk to carry on and not make a tit of ourselves!

Saturday was another family BBQ day around my brothers which was really nice. Him and his partner are currently expecting a baby girl, Rachel's fully engaged so ready to go at any minuet which was scary! (But as yet on Wednesday morning still no change, she's obviously happy in there)!

Friday we had a 50th Birthday BBQ for a family member which was lovely as we sat outside in the sun all afternoon and camped over night. The camping part wasn't so fun although generally I love camping it was bloody freezing over night which resulted in hardly any sleep!

One of the guys there (Hubby's step brother) who is in the Marines made me feel super lazy though, he's running a marathon the week after he's doing a seriously hard core marines endurance course! So I'm stepping up my game, not to keep up with him as theres no chance in hell as it's his job to be that fit but because I want my fitness level back to how it used to be! So on Thursdays when I head to Zumba with my Mum every Thursday I'm going to cycle so that when it's finished I can take a detour rout home which will be 5 miles rather than the 5 minuets! I'm also going to start Aquafit again - sounds mega lame I know BUT I do it high tempo to get the blood pumping and get sweating. However I can only do this on a Monday night and due to the bank holiday on this Monday coming it's not on, so I'm going to go for a long bike ride with hubby instead - not that he knows it yet! I'll keep you updated with my weight loss as I'm desperate to get fit for the summer which is so nearly here! :-)

If anyone reading this is in the Wincanton area and fancies a bit of fun they must try Zumba, it's lead by Jonni who is simply amazing. I've been going every week (bar one as it wasn't on) for the past 6 weeks and I can really feel my fitness improving. I'm still sweating like a pig at the end but every week I'm keeping up more and more. Plus it's such good fun and I enjoy the excuse to spend some great time with my Mum!

We're currently planning our summer holiday and we want to save on the hassle of going abroad so we're going camping in Cornwall for my Birthday. Everyone thinks it sound boring but these people have clearly never been camping with me! The plan so far is to camp near Sennen Cove on the North coast just around from Lands End from the Saturday through to Thursday morning then head either to Newquay for some nightlife or all the to Windsor and get our fix of Lego Land and stay in a hotel for a couple of nights! We can't make our mind up yet. But so far I'm desperately looking forward to long lazy afternoons on the beach with BBQ's and beer, some serious surfing including some lessons for myself but mainly for my Hubby! Long country walks to blow the cobwebs away, some boat tours in the hope of seeing some dolphins and seals! A trip to the Minack Theater which is the most gorgeous open air theater ever, its built into a cliff face and as your watching the sea is crashing just the other side of the stage which is magical if you've not heard of it you must check out this link -
If anyone has any other ideas please let me know :-)

On the work front everything is so much better at work. I'm changing my roll within the company and moving over into sales but it'll be a different type of sales and in a separate office altogether from my Hubby. This will be happening mid to late May, I'll keep you updated as much as I can.

Here the positive little saying to end on-

I can't change the direction of the wind, 

but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination

Thats all for now.

V x

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