Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sorry Once Again!! Grand Naming of the Chickens

Argh I'm so lame at blogging at the moment, please my 1 trusted follower forgive me?!?

So to keep you up to date with my life -

Weight Watchers hasn't really been happening for the last week and works been a bit of a roller coaster - can't say any more on here for now. So eating healthy has taken a back seat due to stress but I have however lost weight!! Woooo - not sure how but I now weigh in at 13st 13 3/4lbs. Under 14 stone!! Wooo now that is so motivating!

Chickens - they're so very cute I love them to bits. One is named Bottom because of the lack of her feathers on her bottom, she's laying about 5 a week at the moment but the shells are really thin (I think all her energy is going into making new feathers) -

This one is Izzie, she lays gorgeous dark speckled eggs every day without fail -

And litttle Miss bossy boots is Dotty, she lays large pale eggs every day -

I'm getting near enough 3 eggs a day from my girls and they're so so good!!

In the world of craft I've just had some more polystyrene wreaths delivered to make some pressies for people. Also a gorgeous cross stitch kit of an elephant, which when finished will be a gift for my Gran who adores elephants! I will tomorrow without fail blog about the skirt and top I've made because I keep wearing them they've already been though the wash!

Thats all for just now! Catch you tomorrow!!

V x

1 comment:

  1. Bottom, Izzie and Dotty. Really cute names :)

    I have some spring greens if your chook fancies them and that cloche and grow frame as well xxx

    Glad to see you back in the blogverse and I hope you try not to get too stressed.

    Gratz on the weightloss

    Big hugs, xx