Thursday, 21 April 2011

As promised ......

I bought this dress by Hooch in a charity shop up the road for £4.95 a little more than  wanted to spend but I saw where I was going with it straight away!

I turned this strangely styled but not so long ago fashionable dress into a wearable top.
Before -

The so called waist in orange colour actually went around the bum, not very flattering if you have a big bum like me!
Close up of the gorgeous retro/dreamy pattern I fell in love with -

This had the white based thin linen top layer than an orangy think cotton dress underneath. The whole thing was attached in random places all over the place. So the first job was to separate them -

I then chopped a section out of the middle and moved the entire bottom of the dress up so the 'waist' sits at the waist! Simply stitched the two together and hey presto a great fitting flattering top!

Wooo yeah!! I've already worn it for a family BBQ and to work, everyone has commented on how nice it and the great design of the fabric.

No this next little project, I have to confess I forgot to take a picture of before!! How stupid was I!! This was one of my vintage dresses I bought last year, it was a very short shapeless smock dress. It came to just below the bum, there was no waist definition at all and was quite clearly someones home made dress. The best I could come up with for this puppy was to turn it into a skirt and as the weather was so gorgeous I went with it. I chopped the upper part off, sewed a new hem at the top leaving enough space to thread some elastic through sewed it all together and that made my skirt!

Sorry about the bad picture - its hard to take a picture of your own legs! You can't tell in the picture but the fabric has the most gorgeous little pink and white flowers a really ditzy design.

Thanks for stopping on by. I'm off to Zumba tomorrow night but I'll try and blog when I get back from shaking my thing! :-)

V xx

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