Sunday, 18 March 2012

Wow another busy weekend!

So this weekend has well and truly flown by. With it being Mothers Day on Sunday I wanted to make something person for my mum and my Hubby's step-mum. But it had to be something quick - so I decided on bath bombs as they only need to dry over night.

I made two types, one which was scented with lemon and lyme essential oil made with witch hazel. The other was lavender essential oil made with sweet almond oil and water.

Both of these were coloured with mineral mica but it's hard to get a good photo of the true colour.

Here's the lemon and lime with marigold petals -

I have to confess I forgot to take a photo of the lavender ones that were shaped like feet before I gave them away. This one had lavender flowers in too. This is a picture of the tiny one made with leftovers -

So after I made these on Saturday I was in the mood for more creations! So I made rose flavoured cold process soap. This didn't go quite to plan, I used rose coloured mica in the whole batch and by the time it reached trace you couldn't even tell there was anything added! Oops! I had a bit leftover so I made some wee cupcakes -

So attempt two at using mineral mica in cold process soap was a batch of tea tree soap. Again all natural and palm free recipe made with olive oil, Shea butter and coconut oil. This time I divided out a small amount to colour with mica and layered and swirled -

Join me tomorrow for the grand cutting of the soap!

V xx

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