Saturday, 3 March 2012

Here's a random story

So my Dad used to have a dog called Stella who 9 years ago had puppies. One day my dad came home from work to find that Stella had randomly vanished never to be seen again. But her puppies and a big male dog still there. He lived in a rural location and there used to be lots of dog thefts and trouble with 'travellers'. He was devastated but put it down to her being stollen or hit by a car.

So about 9 years later on Monday afternoon (Monday just gone) he received a phone call to say that a council dog warden had picked up Stella! He arranged to go and pick her up later in the week - he no longer lives in that county. But before he got there someone else collected Stella, we can only assume it was the people who had been 'looking after' her for the past 9 years! So despite the fact she had a microchip registered with my Dad she was handed over to someone else!

My Dad is mortified to have come so close to getting his Stella back to only have missed her by hours. Now do you think the council was right to hand this dog over to someone they knew the dog wasn't registered to? They were are that she was stollen and he has all her paperwork. They were aware that who ever she was with hasn't been taking great care of her due to overgrown claws etc.

We think it's horrendous and my Dads taking legal advise to try and get her back. God does our country suck when it comes to having rights!


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