Friday, 2 March 2012

Special Delivery!

A treat for when I came home . . . . . My delivery from was there waiting for me!

Check out the size of this box -

Here we're all my goodies -

I bought enough for a couple more batches of soap, bath salts and bath bombs! If you can't tell I'm loving this whole soap thing! :-) I need to find somewhere to buy some cheap spray bottles and I need the essential oils I ordered to be delivered then I'm all set for round two! Super excited!

Thank you for being so great and to DPD who always deliver on time! :-)

Keep an eye out for my next soapy blog!

So February has been and gone. I made a pie (fish pie) and learnt a new craft (making soap) but my weight loss hasn't happened as I've been super busy and stressed - not a good combo for losing weight! I also sold my treadmill to raise some dosh so I've not been on that either! :-( But it's a new month which started with a class of Zumba so I'm not giving up!

Chat soon.

V xxx

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