Sunday, 26 February 2012

Soap Making Part 2 & First Ever Giveaway!

Soap success! So my soap turned out perfectly! Cutting was a little trial and error. I started with the 'loaf' the right way up with the flowers at the top but the bars ended up looking like this with lines down from the dried lavender -

After a couple I thought to myself "let's turn it upside down" and they looked like this -

Much, much better and tidier! From the small batch I made I came out with 8 full size bars and the two end bits. This is the whole lot -

So for my first ever giveaway to win a lovely handcrafted lavender scented slice of soap leave a comment stating which scent is you favourite and why.

Please remember that this has been made at home in my kitchen and in not certified in any way. It may not be suitable for pregnant people as it contains lavender essential oil. It is 100% natural and a list of ingredients can be provided if needed.

You have until the 24th March to enter, the winner will be announced on the 25th March. Good Luck!

V xxx

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