Sunday, 8 April 2012

Gecko Update

This fella was my first Leopard Gecko. I believe he is a Super Hypo? His name is Leonidas (Leo) this is just before we first bought him home when he was named Coleman -

Leo as he is today -

Such a handsome man.
And these are his soon to be hareem (lucky man).
This is Nyx who is a High Yellow, formally named Speckle. First photo is just when we collected her -

This photo is when we had her for a couple of months -

This is today, what a plump madam! She's friendly but very fisty!

Third in my collection was Yoshi, who still has the same name as when we bought her. She's a Tremper Albino. This is from the day we collected her -

And this is today -

She's so chilled out and friendly not to mention gorgeous!
Fourth was Marla who I've STILL not got a new name for :-( she's a Sunglow Het Emerine (I think). This from just before we collected her -

And this is today, she's very placid and super friendly.

And lastly is Talula which again is her original name but it suits her so well. She's a normal Leopard Gecko but still very beautiful, she always comes out say hello. She's the odd girl with 6 fingers on one hand!

She was very flighty first off but now she's perfect.

I am hoping to start breeding some of the older geckos this year, I already have my first request for a baby! Exciting stuff!
V xx
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