Monday, 23 April 2012

Gecko Shock

So . . . . Today I can home from work and found out after lots of research that my lively Yoshi was not what I thought. I know Yoshi is a male name but when we bought her she had such a lovely super fat tail typical of a female. Well maybe it was destiny as Yoshi is not a she but a he! And Nyx is gravid (expecting eggs) which for me is way to young so I have separated them to stop any more underage naughtiness! But Leopard Geckos store sperm so will most likely have more eggs after these.

I have set up my incubator super quick as I have no idea when she'll lay her eggs. It may have been an accident but will learn from it and will not let these potentially fertile eggs go to waste.

This is Yoshi's underside you really have to look close to see his spores and lumps -

This is Nyx and what would appear to be her first ever egg -

I'm on an emergency hunt tomorrow for some sterile soil to make a nest for her.

Exciting but scary stuff!

I'll keep you updated.

V xxx

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  1. My gosh!

    The naughty wee devils! lol

    Good luck with mini gecko babies! xx