Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sad Gecko Update - Bye Bye Demi

I had to take little Demi back to the lady I bought her from because I noticed she had very slight MBD. I did so much research about it and come to the decision that I shouldn't breed from her incase she has internal damage to her pelvis. From the outside it only looked like a slight twist in her arm. I have stress this wasn't Ella's fault but the fault of her so called friend who looked after most of the hatchlings (glad to say they're not anymore!).

So I took her back and came back with this little lovely named Talulah. There's nothing wrong with her except she has 6 toes on one finger which is really cute! The chances of her passing this on if I breed her are apparently minimal.

She's a normal Leopard Gecko so she's still different to all my others and I hope she's going to be really spotty!

I'll be back later with a crafty, foodie update!

V x

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