Tuesday, 1 November 2011

More New Asbo Residents

Soo my gecko collection has reached maximum capacity for now. Tonight saw two new arrivals, two iddy biddy girls, I can't believe how tiny they are! They're viv mates.

First up is Demi (her hatched name) I've had her reserved for months. She hatched 20.07.11 she's currently weighing in at a whole 15g! She's an enigma het bell albino, my second albino. This photo makes her look a lot brighter then she is.

And this is Marla (hatch name) I only chose her this morning! She weighs 12g and hatched 21.07.11 so a whole day younger! She's a sunglow het emerine, she's such a bright orange this photo doesn't show it so well.

I'll try and get some better photos for you.

V xx

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