Sunday, 13 November 2011

Happy Sunday

So my morning started with an amazing shower and a bit of a pamper. I painted my nails with some new nail varnish from Avon and this is my favourite colour ever!

We then had a wonderful peaceful walk to the supermarket, we took the scenic route. Here's a couple of gorgeous things we saw on the way, first was this sweet little steam.

This has to be my favourite photo of the year so far, a stinging nettle covered in frost but there was no frost at all in the grass around it -

After a bit of food shopping it was time to stroll home for some breakfast and it was so good! A fresh coffee from my Senceo coffee machine and a cereal bar. This was my first try of Dorset Cereal Bars and it won't be my last!

My morning was all about baking, I've been desperate to try some of my new cake cases -

I also had to shake the vanilla extract that I made last week, check out the colour already!

On the cooking theme today I made some lovely roast pumpkin soup to go with some sour dough bread we bought this morning. I admit that it doesn't look to good but it was nice! -

Craft wise, all week I have been sewing a cross stitch card for my Mums Birthday. I'll show you when it's all done.

Time to get ready for another week at work :-(

V x

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