Friday, 15 June 2012

Extra Long Weekend!

So with my Borther-in-Law staying with us we thought we'd get two extra days off work. Yesterday we had a road tip to Legoland in Windsor!

We were lucky with the weather as there wasn't a drop of rain - the wet rides made up for that though!

I went with two guys but neither were man enough to join me on the big boat! For that matter no one was man enough - I had the whole ride to myself and I loved it!

They even now have Lego fries which Hubby could not resist!

The Lego village was great with lots of new models, my favourite being Big Ben -

Check out the Royal Barge from the Jubilee -

Tony and I saw a couple of awsum water slides with our man on. Now this had a warming saying you will get wet,mi did for a minuet think that meant you will look like you've been swimming!

Still didn't stop us going on the water rides again!

Hubby had his fill of StarWars Lego with the new little expo they have -

As a souvenir we made each other out of Lego!

So that's Hubby (Dan), Brother-in-Law (Tony) and .....Me!

V xxx
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