Friday, 11 May 2012

Bowl Full of Lemons Day 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14

Day 9 was meant to be tidying up toys, but as were both in our 20's with children i thought id skip this one!
So Day 10, again I've had to change this one. It's meant to be the Laundry Room but not many people over here have laundry rooms, but I sure would love one! So instead I did some washing, everyone knows that's a chore that's never ending!
Now, I didn't want show you a photo of before . . . . My dirty washing.
So here's after (well this is one load, 2 more to go!) -

After this my days and chore gotta bit muddled up! Day 11 I used to clean up my 'spice cabinet' to me that's just a spice rack! Heres the dust before -

And the spotless after -

Next was Day 12 'medicine cabinet' or to me was a medicine draw. I emptied the draw -

Checked all through the expiry dates and then found the remain few items a new home!

For Day 13 my chore was 'Under the Bathroom Sink' again these needed modification as I have nothing under my sink! So I chose my bathroom cabinet!
Before -

After -

Day 14 was all about Mail. We use a vintage style toast rack for our mail, it was used and abused before -

But now after sifting through all the junk -

Best transformation to date!

Stay tuned for more exciting cleaning! Lol
V xxx
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