Monday, 3 October 2011

Weekly Craft Challenge 7 - Fail

Ok ok I know I seriously suck but I do promise you one thing . . . . I'll make it up to you all!

I got so carried way with the nice weather this weekend all managed was a bit of house work and some gardening. However in the baking heat of Saturday I did manage to mow the entire back lawn - now that was hard work!

Yesterday we had a family BBQ and it all got too much for this little one (sorry the qualities not great) -

We actually put her in a washing basket with some cushions and it was the perfect size DIY Moses Basket! Jazmine was so well behaved, only a few grumbles when she put up a fight not to fall asleep!

I just want to say Dan and my thoughts are with Harry at this very sad time. Huge hugs xxxxxxxx

V x

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