Tuesday, 11 October 2011

:-s Sad Stressfull Day

So today I experienced my first ever funeral. It was an eco friendly burial site, it's hard to describe other then a field with trees planted on every grave. In the middle of no where on the side of a hill with a wonderful view and ever so peaceful. It was a lovely site. The casket was a weaved basket rather than solid wood which made it seem less harsh.

It was a real eye opener and tear jerker that's for sure. It's really got me thinking about what I want as and when I leave this world. . . . .

To add a bit more stress to the day I had to take my Sookie to the vets to be spade and micro chipped. She's like my baby as sad as that sounds, I love her to bits and ended up crying as I left her behind! I wasn't back in time to pick her up so my Mum had to which wasn't very nice for me. I got home to find my kitty locked in the kitchen feeling so sorry for herself. She was wearing a cone over her head and swaying all over the place. She even fell asleep in her water bowl!

I've had to take the head cone off, she got herself so worker up over it. She started kicking her head and pushing it off, she looked like her head was going to come off! She's now locked in the hall way so she can't jump on anything!

I only inspiration for one little crafty task over the weekend. Which was printing and framing some family photos for the lounge.

I have a whole list of things to create and finish this week. I'll keep you posted :-D

V x

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