Saturday, 1 December 2012

Disappearing Act

This time I have to say I did a very long disappearing act!

Thinks have really taken off with me breeding Leopard Geckos. Take a look here - South West Geckos

I've had a 11 hatchlings this year, more than I dreamt I'd have. Last week my last two eggs hatched -

Plans are going strong for next year, super excited.

These guys have taken up most of my spare time so crafting has taken a back burner but art and photography are creeping back into my life! :-D

This morning was a really heavy frost, turned my garden into a thing of beauty -

All being well we're going to be moving house in the new year which will involve a huge clear out :-/ but clear home clear mind. To me the key is storage.

Stay tuned, I won't be long this time! Promise!

V xx

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