Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Memory Box

A memory box is something I believe everyone should have. Just for keep random little items gathered through life. I felt like I had out grown my little memory boxes and it was time to get a new big box to replace it.

Here's my old small tatty boxes -

And my nice new big box -

On my travel sorting through my memories I stumbled across a few thing that made me smile from ear to ear. Some of which I'm going to share with you.

My first ever 'pots' thrown on a potters wheel when I was 12 years old -

An aluminium case that my Dad made to put the water bottle for my degu in, an attempt to stop them chewing the bottle. As you can see it failed -

A seahorse that was A gift to me from my aunt about 15 years ago -

All the gig tickets and festival wrist bands that I've managed to keep-

A random photo of me helping out at lambing time on a farm, when i was 16. I was so in my element, so happy and content -

My Hubby when I he was 16 when we'd first met -

And me at the same age -

But my new box is already nearly full, in the top you can see my school leaving top and my bridesmaid dress from my Dads wedding-

That's all for now.

V xxx

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