Saturday, 21 July 2012

Lizards ......

Not many people know that I recently rescued 2 bearded dragons that weren't being very well looked after. The both had MBD (metabolic bone disease), one was very bad and the other was mild.

I'm not experienced at looking after beardies but I knew more about them then their owner. They hadn't been fed insects for weeks, didn't have the right basking lamp, didn't have fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basic and had never been given any calcium or vitamins. All that changed the second I got them home.

These are the guys just after I'd fed them -

This guy was a good size and had mild MBD.

This guy was half the size with bad MBD.

Today I said good bye to them after finding them their forever home with someone that takes in rescues and unwanted reptiles.

But also today I said hello to two new Leopard Geckos.

First is a male Mack Snow Enigma weighing 13g -

Second up is a Hypo Mack Snow female weighing 10g -

And their new homes -

Happy day all round!

V xxx

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